Compared with Xia Qi, this statue of Luo Jinxian knows more, and naturally we can see what happened just now from the performance of the Ren Huang Hall of the Humanitarian Emperor Seal.
Whether it’s the humanitarian imperial seal or the holy emperor of Ren Huang, there are changes at the same time. It is obvious that this is the holy emperor’s cross-border recall of the humanitarian imperial seal
The reason for the disappearance of the People’s Emperor’s Temple is even simpler. Isn’t it normal that the Holy Emperor is dissatisfied with Xia Qi and is not qualified to run the Ren Huang Temple?
Understand this pick Jin Xian is obviously guessed the wind zichen mind so from seclusion out to Xia Qi explained.
Although Xia Qi’s identity is precious, it is exactly where he never lived with his father when he was young. He may not know many secrets of the Terran.
at this time
You need someone to wake him up
"Elder means …"
"Was that the holy emperor’s hand just now?"
"But didn’t the holy emperor fall?"
Smell speech Xia Qi heart faint white something then a little small to the statue of pick Jin Xian asked.
"Be careful!"
"Is the holy emperor an equal figure?"
"Is his life or death for you and me to guess?"
In the face of Xia Qi’s doubt, the Terran pick Jin Xian shook his head inscrutable and did not give a definite answer.
Anyone who lives a little longer these days knows that the Terran Zichen Holy Emperor is best at faking his death to get away.
What’s falling? It’s just fooling some new people who don’t know how to do it.
A little bit of history. Who believes this?
That must not be pitted to death!
It is not easy to explain this kind of thing to Xia Qi, but it can be concealed and let him realize it himself.
"Thank you for your predecessors!"
"Xia Qibai"
Take a deep breath, and Xia Qichao’s statue of Luo Jinxian thanked the Holy Emperor, which means that it is beyond his control and can be observed silently.
However, Xia Qi is also a proud person. He was forced to leave today, and he must be looking for an opportunity to find a place to return.
"Today, Xia Qide has little merit and is not in charge of Ren Huang Hall."
"But in the future, Xia Qi will surely enter the Ren Huang Temple with great achievements and prove to the holy emperor that it is the world’s witness."
"Xia Qi is no worse than his father!"
Before leaving, Xia Qi secretly clenched his fist and swore
Then he left the terran ancestral land with his ministers to build another capital.
"Ha ha!"
"It’s ambitious to be so small."
"Then I’ll wait for you to hit me in the face."
After hearing Xia Qi’s oath, Zichen couldn’t help but show a smile.
From this time on, he faced Xia Qi slightly. Maybe this young man can bring him some surprises.
Zichen has always appreciated the spirit of inspiring people, because more people will make the Terran more prosperous.
Then I came to prove to the world that I am not worse than my father. Xia Qi struggled hard.
He is strict with himself to win people’s trust in Thaksin.
Moreover, in order to show that he is willing to share joys and sorrows with his people, Xia Qi abandoned the luxurious palace and lived in a simple wooden house.
Every meal he has is not a natural treasure, but an ordinary whole grain.
He is not allowed to play music for entertainment except to worship the gods and ancestors;
He respects the elderly and loves children;
Who has a collar?
He personally invited to aggravate;
Who knows martial arts?
He will let anyone lead the troops to fight.
After the performance of Xia Qi, it can be said that it is the most sage king template in ancient and modern times, but any monarch in the future can be called a sage if he can do it.
Xia Qi’s effect can be said to be very good, but after more than ten years, his reputation has been greatly improved.
In order to make everyone ignore that his throne was stolen from Bo Yi.
In this way, in another hundred years, people have unanimously recognized Xia Qi as Xia Yu’s heir, and they have not rejected the system of father’s death and family’s day, even more than they still think there is nothing wrong with it.
By the end of the Millennium, the living standards of terrans have risen to a higher level than before Xia Qi succeeded to the throne.
All the people live and work in peace and contentment, and don’t praise Xia Qi’s merits. At this time, everyone is used to Xia Dynasty’s rule.
At this time, Xia Qi is not far from becoming a qualified Ren Huang. If he is given a certain period of hope, maybe he really hopes to re-enter his ancestral home and take charge of the Ren Huang Temple.
But he wants to reach the height of his father Xia Yu, and I’m afraid he can’t, because there is no extinction waiting for Xia Qi to save.
There are only a few great things that have been done by predecessors, and there is not much left for future generations to say. As time goes by, merits will become more and more precious.
After all, compared with before and now, the road to merit is much less doubtful.
"What a nice young man!"