She gently sucked the jade finger blood, and Pearl gently called her maid Xiaolan. "You go and see if The Hunger Fengluo is still a mountain? What is he doing? "
How can Xiaolan, a handmaid who has followed the princess for thousands of years, not understand the princess’s mind? She quickly turned a lark into a mountain and saw Fengluo rummaging around. She must be looking for fairy grass.
Xiaolan rolled her eyes and stared at the wind for a while, and then she flapped her wings and flew back to Princess Pei Lengxi, the peacock.
"Princess The Hunger Temple has been looking through flowers and plants and seems to be looking for fairy grass." Xiaolan truthfully reported.
"Hum, let him find it!" Pei Lengxi sneered and said, I see how capable you are to find Xiancao.
Xiaolan sighed and went out.
Peacock princess Pei Lengxi sat quietly for a while again, but how can she meditate for thousands of years and calm down? With the arrival of Fengluo, the lake has once again rippled.
With a sigh, she got up gracefully and floated to the top of the mountain. Indeed, she saw Feng Luo anxiously looking for and looking through flowers and plants everywhere.
Always cold-hearted, arrogant, even when someone is anxious and distressed.
Pei Lengxi can’t help but think of the scene when he begged with Feng Luo’s legs and Feng Luo didn’t move. Now you’re out of line, aren’t you?
Pei Lengxi thought of here. She moved Lianbu gently and approached Fengluo slowly.
Cold and melodious words floated to my ears. "Don’t look for it. How can I just put it in such a conspicuous place without your roots?" Peacock princess Pei Lengxi said coldly
Feng Luo straightened up and his bloody eyes were full of anxiety. "I beg you to give me the fairy grass, and I can promise anything."
Peacock princess smiled "what requirements can be promised? This fairy Jingxuan really makes you love it so much. It really makes me jealous and envious. Okay, just do as you say. I can give you fairy grass, but you have to "put her head close to Feng Luo" and exchange your life and freedom for comforting my father and brother! "
I didn’t expect Feng Luo to promise without hesitation, "If I want to get Xiancao, I will give my life and freedom in both hands and never break my word!" If you go back on your word, it will thunder! ! !”
After the two high-fived and swore, Feng Luo reached out and said, "Give me the fairy grass first!"
Princess Peacock smiled faintly and pushed her hand. "If I promise to give it to you, I will definitely give it to you. You should take me to see that fairy Jingxuan before I can give her the fairy grass."
Wind Luo slightly thoughtfully "ok, then we’ll go now"
Feng Luo and Pei Lengxi spread their wings to fly. Princess Peacock in high school looked at herself and looked at Feng Luo again. "Do you believe that many years ago, I dreamed that we would fly side by side? It’s a pity that this is no longer possible after you killed my father and brother. I didn’t expect that we would fly together again today."
The wind flapped its wings, and his heart was choppy. If he wanted to get Xiancao, he gave his life and freedom to Pei Lengxi to let her fall, which is probably what he owed her in his previous life! Since she owes her own life, it is not enough.
Soon she arrived in Tianshan Mountain, and when Pei Lengxi stepped on the Zita Law-covered mountain, her heart could not help shaking, and soon she could see The Hunger Fengluo falling in love with her lover.
What kind of person is it?
Feng Luo looked at Peacock Princess Pei Lengxi and said softly, "Come in with me!"
Pei Lengxi nodded and walked into the ice and snow palace with the wind.
Chloe was surprised to see Feng Luo come back. He opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t say anything when he saw this mysterious and noble beauty behind Feng Luo.
Wind Luo nodded, and he approached the feather pastor before going to bed and took it from Chloe. He gently held her in his arms.
Feather anchor is still unconscious. Her face doesn’t even have a drop of blood. Even her lips are pale. Big sweat keeps dripping from her forehead.
Chloe kept wiping for her, even the handkerchief in her hand was soaked.
Wind Luo will gently stick her cheek to her face, and her charming body will keep shaking like a frightened little white rabbit. Wind Luo looked up and asked Chloe, "Has she always been like this? Has not improved? "