While Na Wei macho man hunched his back and shook the ground with one hand holding an axe, gasping like a cow grinning and seeing Luo Yu as "small … it’s your turn"
At the moment, although the brave man killed the hemp stalk phantom, he was also hit hard, which can be described as covered in scars.
Obviously, the hemp stalk phantom is quite powerful. Although it hurts first, it still does a lot of damage.
However, it doesn’t mean that no one can threaten him at this moment
He "zi zi" dragged ShaQi axe since the infamous ground with a little spark has been coming towards the feather like a death warrant.
Luo Yu shrank back and raised her hand in horror to stop, "You … you don’t come here!"
The mighty man looked at the terrible Terran gigolo in front of him with great disdain and kept approaching, "Oh ~ ridiculous human gigolo! Die, hahaha … "
Laughing wildly, he has swung the ShaQi blood axe high.
But when his axe was held high and Xu Li swung back,
See Luo Yu’s outstretched palm has been covered with instant bronze armor to hold it, and a sharp bronze pike was stabbed before it solidified at a rapid speed.
Poof ~
A little cold first!
The pike is sharp and angry, and the stab is as fast as lightning, and the thunder has passed through the skull from the mouth of the mighty man laughing!
Los feather slowly looked up at the sight has turned panic tall evil light way "I’m sorry I am the yellowbird"
The bronze gun instantly withdraws the robe with the income
The mighty man has been unwilling to fall.
At the same time, the misty gas wall not far behind Luoyu appeared again.
Looking at this messy dreamland palace, his mouth was slightly tilted.
I was very alert when I entered the dreamland before, and I was protected by the innate armor. How can I avoid it with a hammer in the late stage?
The blow in the back was just a deliberate attack after avoiding the key point, to see if they could convince them that they had lost their fighting power.
I never thought that these two people actually believed it!
But thanks to this brave man, he is a master with developed limbs and simple mind, otherwise it will be difficult.
At this moment, the palace is gloomy and emotionless, and it has arrived as scheduled again.
"Out of the ~ magic …"
Luo Yu, who raised his hand and raised his hat, slightly bowed his head, turned around and stepped out of the misty dreamland.
Clouds of clouds cross the mountain and night.
The stars are shining in the south.
Clouds and mist cover the top of the mountain, and Chi Pan is scattered around the stone statue of the old man
Hum ~
The side and rear of the stone statue suddenly fluctuated and twisted, bringing up clouds and fog!
Then a scruffy old man with blond hair and long beard came out in the whirling mist.
The old man slipped a bottle gourd and saluted the stone statue respectfully, saying, "Old slave visits my Lord."
The bearer is the old king Huang Lao of Yanyu Pavilion.
After waiting for a moment, I saw that the stone statue did not move and there was no interest.
Huang Lao’s old face, which is full of years and ravines, is looking down at his eyebrows, so he told me as usual, "Report to my Lord that the undercurrent is surging outside the mountain, and the shadow of the valley is gradually emerging from the water and the gate of the shadow state fluctuates frequently, which seems to point to the fire star."
The old slave is afraid of fire, and the boundary outside the territory is unstable, so I’m here to ask if … stop one or two? "
At this moment, the stone statue has come, and the auspicious sound of the old man looks like the wind is light and the clouds are light.
"Nuo ~" Huang Lao was brought to life with awe
A moment later, the cat came back and said, "Let Huan Tian, the governor of misty rain, set up five shuttles in Kyushu, which was given by God. At the same time, Zhuo Sang Mu Xue made a virtual shuttle business in Qian Shan, and the fire spirit leaned over the five elements outside the mountain, but … there are several fates that cannot be interfered too much."
Huang Lao promised to be shocked in his heart!
Obviously, this is to build the name of flying shuttle and strengthen the control over the mountains outside the mountain.
After making the virtual shuttle, Yanyu Pavilion can take the shuttle through the five different chambers of commerce outside the virtual mountain to spy on and get information at the same time.
Although this is just in case, it is unique to make such a big move over the years.
After all, once the shuttle leaves Kunlun and enters the void, it will be discovered by another world, and the mountains and seas may be in danger of capsizing …
This ….. What happened?
Huang Lao has frowned and looked at the calm tunnel sound pool.
His eyes are looking down the bamboo fishing rod to the mirror water …
He was surprised to find that the bamboo fishing rod had no floating feathers!
Seeing this, he exclaimed, "How can I feather …! ?”
The voice of the cat has not fallen, and the vicissitudes of life have quietly come
"She’s been here, and she’s temporarily scattered her floating feathers … is that a warning?"
"She …?" Huang Lao suddenly looked at the stone statue of the cat in disbelief. "My Lord means … Luo … Luo Shenshi! Didn’t she fall into the mountains and seas by the five ancestors? "
Obviously, Huang Lao’s secret slave naturally knows the secret of the past and knows better that this floating feather of the true self is temporarily dissipated, but it is the key to fate!
It seems that … it’s really suspicious.
I haven’t thought about how many years have passed … My mistress is also fortunate in mountains and seas … and also sad.
At the moment, Huang Lao has a lot of thoughts, such as sorrow, sadness, joy and confusion.
Such a look makes people wonder if they are really what Luo Shen said?
Chapter 65 Holding a pole to comb the puzzle, the palace of reincarnation