Just kidding!
When did the Golden Globe Award become the Golden Boot Award?
Everyone knows Platini’s shot. It must be a constant victory and david silva’s grievances
Talented China netizens have to feel "it’s really a father’s love!"
Being hacked on FIFA’s side, UEFA must get Changsheng’s intestines back, even if it is to re-establish a new award!
Platini is true love for Changsheng …
And look at this trend, FIFA didn’t give david silva the Golden Globe Award, which is likely to be given by UEFA!
The winner of the first UEFA Golden Globe Award is likely to be david silva!
No wonder some people say that Platini is true love for Changsheng …
This kind of support is really unprecedented. Even Guardiola has never supported it like this.
Chapter three hundred and forty-one This road is correct
At the time of Changsheng and FIFA, the match between Lazio teams continued.
It is impossible to say that you will give up everything just by playing against FIFA.
After the award ceremony, the first game was the Coppa Italia, which was Lazio’s first Coppa Italia match of the season.
Home game against Genoa
At the same time, in Qatar, the Asian Cup also won.
In addition to competing with the National Football Association, Changsheng also pays great attention to the Asian Cup.
Even without Gao Hongbo’s brave words, he would still watch China play in the Asian Cup.
Although he has seen it all before.
But this time, he wanted to see what difference China’s Asian Cup tour would make after his intervention.
The first group match was played by China against Kuwait, the first opponent in the group match, on January.
In the end, China team 3 won the game.
It’s not quite the same as the winning memory. China scored one more goal in the first game than the winning memory.
But Chang Sheng can’t say whether this is true or not, or whether it’s just a butterfly effect.
The second group match is that real t for China.
Because the first group match between the host country and Uzbekistan was not always successful, Uzbekistan beat Qatar 2.
This Qatar is cornered.
If they lose again, they will be eliminated from the competition.
It’s a shame that the host team was eliminated without qualifying.
Qataris will definitely play dirty in the game, which is a test for Gao Hongbo.
Football is not a blank sheet of paper. Football has always been black and white. Where there is white, there is black.
This situation can’t be stopped. What China team should do is not complain that the other team may play fake football, but do its own thing.
Changsheng talks to Gao Hongbo almost every day to learn about the preparations for the national team.
Gao Hongbo joked that he was more like a national team coach than himself.
Always win and laugh.
This is the first time that he has helped the national team after crossing, and he just wants to see if he has helped himself and figured out whether he has this road.
Because this involves future tie-ups, if Gao Hongbo is still in the national team position, he wants to continue this tie-ups. Lazio club can do it. China can come to Europe for a training base every year to warm up its opponents. He helps with the warm-up plan and he will arrange it.
It doesn’t matter if you spend money to deal with him. He is a China fan. He wants China to have good football.
But doing so before can really make China football good.
If you can’t, then don’t bother …
The match between China and Qatar was on January 12th, the day before the Italian Cup between Lazio and Genoa.