Another branch is smoking in the crystal coffin.
Haikui is a little evil. I wonder if this is a whipping. Is it a bit too heavy? But think about the fact that this coffin is dead, and the beautiful bubbling woman is a heavy taste and has eaten so many people!
"How many people have you eaten before?"
"So dishonest?" Hai Kui said, commanding the branches with light gold light to smash and fall on the coffin, and the crystal coffin shook and fell a layer of crystal light.
It seems that the crystal coffin is crushing powder.
Haikui squinted slightly. No wonder she was afraid that beating the branches of the ancient wood could have broken the crystal coffin!
Haikui’s mouth hung with a smug sneer. "It seems that your crystal coffin will be smashed by my whip before long!"
"hey!" Sigh, this sigh appears in Haikui’s mind, so bitter, so lonely, so tactfully moving. Haikui was almost crushed by this sigh for a while, but holding back the goods is a disaster for the country and the people. The witch must be removed!
Haikui said the mantra in his heart, reached a finger, and two branches fluttered and flapped in the crystal coffin.
There is more and more light powder falling from the crystal coffin, and I’m afraid it will break in a short time.
"Don’t hit me, I give up!"
Nai’s failure felt in Haikui’s mind.
"In that case, how many people did you eat before answering my question?"
"Thirty-four people came before you, and you are the thirty-fifth!"
"Are they all dead?"
Her voice is euphemistic and melodious. "They are all dead and greedy for my keys in this extremely fairy jade coffin!"
Haikui looked at the key in her hand. "What is this key?"
"This key is a treasure. If you destroy the crystal coffin, you will destroy the key!" There are some faint sounds in Haikui’s mind, like complaints and bitterness.
"Let’s hear it and see if I stay."
"I’ll tell you if you promise not to destroy the crystal coffin first!"
Haikui: No, she reached out and pointed out that the branches were too old to come out.
Bellow from the crystal coffin.
"Are you crazy enough to spare a dead man?"
Haikui smiled. "You’re not an ordinary dead man."
Several pale gold rune branches dance
"All right, I said," The girl’s voice was weak.
Haikui waved his hand to stop the branches dancing in the forest and falling at any time.
"How can you be so cruel? I’m a weak woman."
"I didn’t see that my right hand was gone. What do you say?"
A faint sigh "All right, I’ll tell you"
Haikui listened carefully.
"This key is the key to the fairy house of the Dragon Lord. With this key, you can fight the fairy house!"
"Is there a dragon god? Black Dragon, White Dragon and Golden Dragon? "
"The dragon Lord is the master of the dark black dragon Lord!"
Is it really the black dragon
"Is the black dragon dead?"
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing. I heard that finding it and bathing in blood can achieve immortality!"
"How is it possible! You heard that it was all false! " The woman handed me some panic.