Immediately, Jiuzhong started the function of sending the ring body at a fixed point, and returned directly to the ethereal imperial palace during the golden period with Wu Xinlan!
The light flashed nine times and Wu Xinlan appeared in front of the Golden Throne in the Golden Temple!
At this time, several heads of the Hell Blossom are seeing Jiuzhong coming back and greeting Jiuzhong "President!" Then look around and see that the innocent girl Wuxinlan male army chiefs around Jiuzhong are both admiring and jealous of "turning back to a beautiful woman!"
Phoenix dance is more direct "slut! !”
Nine eyes swept to the temple, and there was a thin but energetic old man with a white beard holding dust. He was looking out of the temple with nine eyes on his back, watching the excitement. The beautiful girls shook their heads. "Oh, this looks good, and this is not bad ~!"
"Hey old man, you are the angel of heaven? !”
Hearing Jiuzhong’s question, the old man Bai Hu turned around and looked up and stood upright. Jiuzhong immediately put on a pretentious sage-like, tall person and squinted his hand and held a beard. "Yes, I am the Jade Emperor of Heaven, wearing a white Venus! You must have heard of my name, right? !”
"Taibai Venus?" Nine eyebrows picked a pick "is that the old cheat Taibai Venus who cheated Sun Wu to raise horses in heaven? !”
"Ahem … that’s a long time ago. Let it be or not! You are Fang Sheng! " Taibai Venus coughed a dry cough and fished out a copy of Fa Dieda Avenue from her arms. "The Jade Emperor made a decree to declare the adventurer’s sacred face in heaven! !”
"It’s that simple?" Nine blinks at Taibai Venus "gone? !”
Nine times took Wu Xinlan and sat in the dragon chair and asked, "I can’t reach the jade emperor’s pole. Why did Mao suddenly announce me to the throne?" !”
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Leave a souvenir.
"This …!" Taibai Venus looks around and stands at the heads of the armies on both sides!
Jiuchong said, "It’s all our own. Let’s talk about it!"
"Is in the earth treasure bodhisattva and ghosts and gods lyu3 bu4, fierce xiang yu afraid both things crash and burn when Yan Luowang leave to heaven when you just went to stop the fight and witnessed the whole process of three deaths! It’s a matter of great importance, and the Jade Emperor specially announces that you should go and ask questions carefully! "
"Oh, that’s it!" Jiuzhong’ s heart said that it was really this matter. I always knew that a big-shot bodhisattva had died, and it would never stop there. It would definitely make waves again. "All right, I’ ll take a trip with the old man!"
Jiuzhong got up and said to Wu Xinlan beside him, "Xinlan, wait for me at home and go back!"
"Don’t!" Wu Xinlan stubbornly shook his head. "You said we were inseparable! !”
Seeing Wu Xinlan’s resolute expression and heavy weight is also helpless. "Ok, let’s go together!" Together, they came to Taibai Venus. "Let’s go, old man!"
"Ah …!" Taibai Venus glanced at Wu Xinlan and said, "The Jade Emperor declared that you can go to heaven with me alone!"
"What shall we do?" Nine heavy looked Wu Xinlan "or …? !”
"No, I don’t want to share it with you!"
"Yeah … yeah ~!" Nine eyebrows and a happy ring call out the virtual door. "If you are blue in the heart, then you will rest in ten layers of hell, so I will take you with me at any time. This is not a split with you, is it? !”
"Well, all right!" Wu Xinlan reluctantly put nine heavy hands and turned and walked into the virtual door!
Jiuzhong closed the virtual door with another finger and said to Taibai Venus, "Let’s go this time!"
"good!" Taibai Venus nodded his hand and brushed the dust, saying, "Get up! !” A milky white auspicious cloud appeared at their feet and lifted them up and flew out of the temple into the sky!
Outside the temple, a group of hell-mad flower players are looking forward to going to Jiuchong with Taibai Venus!
"Gee, how do I feel so familiar with this scene? As if I’ve seen it somewhere before! "
"Of course, I have seen Sun Wu go with Taibai Venus in the TV play Journey to the West!"
"Oh, that’s amazing. It seems that the president is going to be in the fairy class!"
"This matter can’t say for certain that Taibai Venus, an old gang of dishes, is very unreliable. Look, he just looked at the girl in our meeting and made eyes. It’s not a serious person! I can’t prepare this time, just like in Journey to the West, to shake our president! "
"If he dares to wander, let’s kill the president of heaven, seize this old cheat, break his head and leg, and finally play * * to death! !”
"ingenious ways ~! !”
"A-choo" Taibai Venus sneezed hard and rubbed his nose and said to himself, "Who is this thinking about my old man? Whoo-hoo, is it just that those beautiful little girls who paid my respects in the world have a crush on me and are thinking about me? !”
"Hey old supposed how long will it take to get to heaven? !” Nine heavy looking at the vast sea of clouds asked.
"Soon, soon!"
An hour later, they rushed out of a cloud and finally arrived at their destination. A huge gate with resplendent splendor and brilliant sunshine appeared in front of Jiuchong!
Jiuzhong looked up and saw the plaque carved in the middle of the top of this huge gate, and three gold-plated characters were engraved-Nantianmen!
"The worse?" Jiuzhong looked at the magnificent and ethereal Nantianmen in front of him. "It’s really like that ~!"
Xiangyun flew across the steps of the Nantianmen in a blink of an eye. Xiangyun dissipated and nine feet landed on the ground of the Nantianmen!
"On the ground it won’t be paved with gold bricks? !” As soon as I fell nine times, I squatted down to knock on the Nantianmen floor tile to make sure that the material of the floor tile is really made of gold. Suddenly, my eyes shone and I had to pry a few pieces out of the shovel!
When Taibai Venus saw it, he quickly pulled Jiuzhong’s way, "Oh, don’t, don’t, don’t dig, don’t dig! !”
"This has nothing to dig! Do you care about this when you are sitting in heaven and everything is rich on Sunday? ! You asked me to dig two pieces to keep a souvenir, and I didn’t come to heaven for nothing! " Said the nine heavy from Taibai Venus shovel to dig again!
"Bold which come demon people dig bricks are dug into my heaven! Dare to blaspheme the heavens and punish them! !” Nine heavy shovels were about to rush out from the worse gate, and a team of heavenly soldiers led by four generals, one holding a pipa, one holding a sword, one holding a snake and the last holding a treasure umbrella!
It’s really impressive that these four people have nine things in their hands. This is the symbolic weapon of the four heavenly kings in the myth of Journey to the West. Then these four people want to know who they are. They are the four heavenly kings stationed in the worse heaven!
The four heavenly kings, led by a group of mountain warriors, rushed out in a fierce way, and together they will start to punish evil and destroy the demon, and the nine-fold method will be put in place!
Seeing this, Taibai Venus quickly stood in front of Nine Heavenly Kings and said to the Four Heavenly Kings, "The Four Heavenly Kings must not start work. This person is the Jade Emperor’s decree to personally meet the adventurers in the world. When he first came to heaven, he didn’t see the world. When he saw the bricks paved in Nantianmen, he wanted to pry a few pieces as a souvenir. It’s understandable. I hope the four heavenly kings don’t take it amiss! "
Holding the pipa, the king of the country looked at Jiuzhong with disdain and laughed. "Oh, it’s no wonder that it’s a land leopard!" How have people in the small world ever seen such a luxurious building in my heaven? !”
The other three heavenly kings heard the words and laughed. "Ha, ha, yes, yes ~! !”
"Well …? !” I can’t help frowning when I hear the four heavenly kings talking. It’s really talented to set the celestial people into this virtue. If the players have the power to counter the gods, they will have to rise up and tear down this celestial body!
These people are really irritating to talk about, but if you talk about it, you won’t lose to them! Cleared his throat and pretended to be very surprised. He looked at the four heavenly kings and said, "Oh, isn’t this the four heavenly kings? They say that the most capable and gluttonous four-member in the heaven will be! !” Jiuzhong focuses on lengthening the sound of "big"!
When the four heavenly kings heard the news, they suddenly glared at each other and burst into thunder. "Wow, it’s so small that you dare to humiliate me and wait for you. I really don’t want to live! !” Say the potential to start work on nine heavy again!
In the face of the four heavenly kings, Jiuzhong is afraid of provocation. Looking at the faces of the four people, he laughs in an ostentatious manner. The implication is "Come on, come on, come if you can, dare not be a grandson!"
"You die! ! !” The four heavenly kings were so excited that they were so angry that they couldn’t wait to smash their bones and ashes at once!